In 1950s, THIS Dance Form Was Really FAMOUS. When You See It Now? AMAZING!02:36

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This video features one of dance styles which was popular back in 1950s. This dance form is called “The Stroll” and back in its days, everyone wanted to try this style. This dance was originated from American Bandstand, and it is one of the simplest yet amazing styles out there. Even though this dance style has evolved too, the original is so incredible.

This clip comes from a local television dance show. They had conducted this dance performance in Idaho in February 1958. In this following video, we see girls and boys forming a line in each side, facing each other, thus creating an isle between them. After that, the boy and the girl in the front of the line meet up in the middle and stroll their way down the line, and the couples after them follow their lead.

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