4 Yr Old STUNS The Crowd When He Takes The Mic And Sings THIS Onstage. BEAUTIFUL!03:29

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Caleb Tyler Serrano is just 4 years old, but he is already very talented when it comes to singing. He is also not shy to show off his talent in front of the crowd. This video below features him singing “This Little Light of Mine” in his church. When elders from his church realized how good Caleb was at singing, they couldn’t refrain themselves from giving him a chance to sing in front of everyone.

As you can see in the video below, Caleb’s voice is just amazing and everybody loved it. The crowd was not just impressed with his voice and knowledge of music, but was enthralled by his ability to remember all the words of the song. He put his heart into singing this song and we can see it in the video below!

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