They Told Her That Girls Can’t Play Drums. What This 5 Yr Old Did Next? This Blew My Mind!03:36

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Drums are deemed to be “men’s” instrument. It is heavy, bold and is really hard to play. Even though there are many drumming prodigy in the internet, most of them are men or boys. However, I was stunned when I stumbled upon this incredible video. This clip features a little girl of age 5 playing the drum like a pro. Don’t take your eyes off her hand!

The girl featured is Eduarda Henklein Baterista from Brazil. She is as adorable as a little poodle. But despite her looks and age, she is going to blow your mind. Her video of playing this drum went viral across the internet and people have started calling her a “percussion prodigy”. In the clip, she plays “Chop Suey” by System of A Down and as you might see, she is exceptionally good for someone her age. Even a pro would be jealous of her talent.

This little rock-star defies the society’s prejudice. Did you enjoy this? Drop your opinions in the comments below!

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