He Took Her To The Dance Floor. What This 90 Yr Old Grandma Did Next? I Can’t Believe My Eyes!04:58

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It is said that age is nothing but a number, but there are only few people who abide by this statement and do all they can to prove this fact. One of these awesome people who do so is Jean Veloz. She loved dancing since she was a little girl. Now she is 90 years old, but she is still sticking up to her passion for dancing.

This video features Jean’s 90th birthday where she performed an enchanting dance routine with her acquaintances. She definitely looks old and fragile and no one expected her to dance. But to everyone’s surprise, Jean did indeed dance and left everyone astonished. No one could believe she had such energy and charismas at such an old age.

She is really an inspiration for everyone. Watch this video and do share your thoughts with us through your comments!

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