Poor Pup Is Scared Of Stairs. Now Watch What He Does To Overcome It. Hilarious!00:22

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Every dog owner knows that for the first few weeks, little pups are terrified of the stairs. They can go up the stairs but never downwards. It is really adorable to watch these cute pups coming up with innovative ideas to overcome their fears and keep on following their owners down the stairs. Like this little one in the video below! He is absolutely terrified of stairs. But what he does to overcome this obstacle will leave you in stitches!

This little pup in the video is probably the cutest pup I have ever seen. He is tiny in size and has very fluffy fur. But it is not the only thing that has made this video go viral. It is because of his hilarious technique to go down the stairs that is melting everyone’s heart! Watch what this little pup does towards the end!

Did you see that coming? I was totally taken aback by this little guy. Do comment your thoughts in the comments section below!

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