Two Kids Walk Onstage – But When They Say This About Their Bullies, I’m Drying My Tears!08:33

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When Charlie Lenehan and Leondra Devries, aka Bars and Melody walked onstage judges and the whole crowd didn’t know what to expect from them. They looked like normal young kids, and had a very hilarious conversation with judges as well. But the moment they started to sing, everyone was left in tears.

Bars and Melody sang a song they had written themselves and it was about the bullying. Bars raps about how a victim feels when someone bullies him every single day and the melodious chorus by Melody is just heart touching. By the end of the performance, everyone was cheering for them and demanded the judges to give them a golden buzzer.

Watch this heartrending performance in the video. Did you like it? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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