Trainer Leaves A Pack Of German Shepherds Alone. Moments Later? Watch What The Dogs Do!07:24

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As a dog owner, I know how hard it is to train dogs even for the simplest tricks like rolling over. Only if you train your dogs from the very early age and with the right techniques, you will be able to see the result. However, this trainer in the video has no problem training not just one but a pack of German Shepherds on his own.

Augusto Deoliveira is an incredible dog trainer. He has a pack of well-trained German shepherds who view him as their leader and follow his every command. He doesn’t even need a single leash to restrain them. According to Augusto, he grew up surrounded by dogs in a farm. That is the reason why he can communicate so well with them. The most amazing part of this video is where these dogs were left alone by Augusto and they weren’t even tempted to move about on their own. They laid there waiting for Augusto to return.

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