Baby Boy Wanted To Say Goodbye To His Dad. But What Daddy Did Next? Precious!02:51

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We love spending time with our loved ones and do not want to be far away from them. But it is also true that staying with our loved ones forever is practically not possible. We have to bid our farewell time and again, and it surely breaks our heart. But while saying goodbye, we often try to remind our loved ones how much they mean to us by simply saying “I Love You” or “I’ll miss you”. However, there are people who take that to a whole new level.

This following video features a little boy who loves his papa very much and doesn’t want to get separated from him. But he also know that daddy needs to get to work and he needs to say goodbye. However, instead of just saying goodbye once, this little boy pours his feeling to a lot of goodbyes and the way his daddy responds is the cherry on top! Isn’t that precious?

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