Cute Baby Freaks Out When Toys Are Turned On. Watch The Baby’s Reaction!01:33

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We all know that babies do love toys. They can trade food with toys that are appealing to their eyes. They love toys which produce interesting sounds and those with vibrant colors. Much more interesting to babies are those toys that have nice movements. Also, according to psychological studies on babies, playing does help in developing their social, verbal, mental, and psychomotor skills. All skills mentioned are very important in a baby’s early stage development.

But what if you give your baby some toys and they freak out when the toys are turned on?  From the baby’s calm state, he starts to cry loudly when a toy moves up and down in front of him. You can see a baby’s reaction in this video. Watch it until the end to see how frightened he was!

How do you feel about the baby’s reaction? Share to us your thoughts!

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