4 Girls Line Up In Front Of Their Classroom. But When They Opened Their Mouth, I Lost It! Amazing!03:25

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Music is forever changing. Every decade, the new generation falls in love with a different style of music and the genre becomes that decade’s symbol. There was the time when people never heard of pop or rock song, but now there is no one who hasn’t heard one. Some of the music styles get stranded and disappear, while others make history and stay with us. Barbershop music style falls on the latter group. It was a massive hit around the 30s and it is still active today. Take this video below for instance!

This video features 4 young talented girls who are singing their awesome rendition of “Something Tells Me I’m Into Something” by Herman’s Hermits and its mind-blowing. These girls are from Townsend University and they like to call themselves the GQ Quartet.

Watch this awesome rendition in the video below. Did you like it? Let us know in the comments!

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