62-Year-Old Granny Has Two Bears and A Tiger As Her Best Buddies! Watch This Amazing Friendship!04:38

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It is common that we have cats, dogs, pigs, and even ducks as pets at home. They are generally small and very easy to take care of. These animals that are commonly treated as house pets are commonly harmless unless provoked, like dogs and cats. So having them sleep with us or cuddle with us is not a problem. But what if you got two bears and a tiger for your pets?

Yes, 62-year-old Granny makes it possible! Bonnie, a truck driver gives love to these unconventional pets and she loves them so much!She never fails to feed them and play with them, just like we would do with our regular house pets. Watch the whole video to find out how they live with each other in a unique pet-owner relationship!

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