Disabled Bird Was Abandoned By His Parents. Now Watch What His Siblings Do For Him! I’m Moved!03:55

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Most of the times when offsprings are disabled their parents abandon them. You may have heard countless news surrounding these kinds of issues. Apparently, animals are no different from humans. There are times when some of the parents leave their children even though they are not old enough to take care of themselves. Benjamin the lovebird is one of such examples who had to struggle from the very beginning of his life as his parents stopped taking care of him.

Tiny Benjamin had a rough start in his life. He was born with splayed legs, thus he was unable to move or grow up properly like his older siblings. Because of his disability, his parents ignored him and only fed his siblings. But his siblings weren’t so heartless. They managed to keep Benjamin alive by sharing their food with him.

Benjamin may seem weak at the beginning, but watch his transformation at the end. Did this bring you tears? Let us know in through your comments!

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