THIS Might Be The World’s BIGGEST Dog. Wait Till You See Him Yourself! Oh my!00:55

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We all are in love with dogs. However, different people have different preferences; i.e. variety of breeds of dogs. Some people like tiny dog breeds like Chihuahua and Shi Zhu, while others like giant dog breeds like Great Dane and German shepherd. This family in the video falls to the latter group. However, they never expected their dog named Rocko to grow up to be this big!

This family in the following video believes that Rocko, the Great Dane, is the biggest dog in the world. So they are trying to take a shot and record his name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the tallest living dog. Rocko is now over 160 pounds and stands at around 7 feet tall when he rises up on his hind legs. But despite his size, Rocko is really sweet and is just like a little child.

Watch this video. What do you think about Rocko? Drop your views in the comments section below!

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