This Blind and Deaf Elephant Is Crying! Watch the Video Until the End To Find Out Why!03:50

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We seldom see animals cry. They often express themselves by barking, howling, or by making any other sound or actions that their owners would understand. But yes, animals really cry. Though it seldom happens, it is also a way for them to express feelings of sadness, happiness, and gratefulness.

And Sook Jai, 73-year old poor elephant was not able to control the tears. After several years without freedom and tiresome work of begging and trekking, he is about to arrive at a place where he is free. This old elephant is lucky enough to be rescued by kind-hearted people from a miserable elephant life and it is not too late. Watch the whole video to see Sook Jai’s journey to freedom and to see the people who helped her out. Just a warning, this will warm your heart!

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