Buzu Gets Some Love From Strangers. See How His Life Was Changed By Them!03:00

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In all over the world, there are billions of pitiful, stray dogs who spent their lives on the streets, not being sure of their next meal. They get sick, hungry, and cold without somebody to take care of them, even facing real danger in every living day. Just in the place of Romania, millions of dogs are left out trying so hard to survive on their own each day. Buzu is one of them.

Left alone and wandering, Buzu sleeps under a roof of cardboard and on an old, dirty pillow which serves as his cushion. Yet, he is so lucky to have been seen by strangers who have such huge love for stray dogs. And as of today, the group who found him also found a loving family to take care of him for the rest of his life. Watch the whole touching video about Buzu! It will change your view on stray dogs.

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