9 Girls Stood Still. But The Moment They Opened Their Mouth, I Had Goosebumps All Over!04:30

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This video below features one of the best renditions of the all time favorite Christian Hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ by a female group called Noteworthy. This all girls group is the female counterpart to the men’s a cappella group called Vocal Point. These both groups are from Brigham Young University.

Noteworthy was established in 2003 by a BYU student, Ester Yonder. This group is the University’s first female a cappella chorus. With their skills, the members of this group have been able stun millions of people in the world. They have even participated in numerous singing competitions including “The Sing-Off” in 2009. In the video, they bring forth a magnificent rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ which will definitely bring chills down your spine.

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