Willie Nelson Pulls Off This Awesome Card Trick. You Won’t Believe When You See It!06:04

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82 yr old Willie Nelson has had a lot of success in his life as a country musician. He achieved enormous success through his albums “Red Headed Stranger”, “Shotgun Willie”, and “Stardust”. Not just a musician, Nelson is also known as an activist and an author. But all of these qualities will sink in when you see what he can do with the cards.

As it turns out, Nelson is a big time magician. He has learned few card tricks and he is going to show you the magic in the video. At first, he takes 52 cards in the deck organized in a random order. Then he starts narrating a story with the help of the card. As he progresses the story, he pulls out the exact card he wants from the shuffled pack. Even his companions are shocked to see what he can really do with the cards.

I have no idea how he is doing it, but it is just awesome. Watch this video and do share your thoughts with through your comments in the COMMENTS section below!

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