Hidden Camera Caught A Cat Doing THIS To A Babysitter. Why? I STILL Can’t Believe It!01:54

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While most of us may consider dogs to be more affection, caring and protective than cats, it might not be true in all cases. Take an example of this video! When you see what this cat does when he thinks that his little human is in trouble will leave you stunned. I’ve never seen anything like this before. And after watching this video, I’ve more respect for cats!

This video features hidden camera footage where we can see a cat defending a little human baby. It was actually a complete misunderstanding. The cat was in another room when he heard the sound of glass breaking. He immediately went to the room where baby and the baby-sitter were sitting. This cat thought that this babysitter was causing harm to his little human, which was not actually true, and started to attacking her.

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