When This Baby Starts Crying, Keep Your Eyes On What This Cat Does!01:35

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Dogs are mostly taken as ‘child-friendly’ pet, while cats are not. It is deemed that dogs are more ‘trustable’ than cats around children. But this video below is going to prove this wrong. This short clip features a little kitty who is taking care of an infant. You’ll be in complete astonishment when you see this!

In the clip, we see a black cat sitting next to a sleeping baby. In an instance, this baby starts crying. Baby doesn’t stop crying so, this kitty does something unbelievable. He slowly lifts his paw and places it on the infant’s forehead. It almost looks like he is telling him “calm down” as he was right there protecting him. Seconds later, we see that this baby falls asleep quite comfortably.

Wasn’t that lovely? Watch this video and do share your thoughts about it with us through your comments below!

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