When You See What This Crow Does With That Stick, You’ll Be Baffled. Even Scientists Are Shocked!03:20

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Humans evolved to intelligent beings on earth as the result of their ability to make and use tools from surrounding materials. But, as we all know that animals do not have or display such ability. However, recently researchers have discovered some of the interesting behaviors of crows. They are seen to have learned to use tools to gain food. They solved some complex set of test that was thought to be the most difficult mind test for birds.

Crows are taken as one of the most intelligent birds on earth. In the past as well, when there were no scientific researches and evidences of the fact, people believed that crows are more intelligent than we humans perceive them to be. According to the recent research which is featured in the video, this concept is apparently a fact. 007, the crow in the research was given a series of test which he solved in an instance. This interesting research was covered by BBC Two in Inside the Animal Mind: Episode 2.

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