Cruel Breeders Bred These Ponies Only For Money. But I BROKE Down When They Did THIS Next!07:00

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It is really sad that there are cruel people who not just abuse and neglect their pet animals, but only breed them for money. These people don’t much care about their animals and end up abandoning them when they are no longer useful. This video features a similar case and it is heartbreaking. 30 Shetland ponies were abandoned by their breeders because they are “useless”.

Fortunately, these ponies were rescued by Hillside Shire Horse Sanctuary. Out of these 30 ponies, 2 were stallions and rest of them were pregnant mares. The rescuers kept them all together so that they would be able to get comfortably adjusted to their new home. But before taking them to their new home, they had medical examination and grooming session.

Wait till you see their reaction when they finally reach their new home. Isn’t that precious? Let us know via comments!

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