Rude Customer Was ABUSING Employee With Down Syndrome. Now Watch What Follows Next!08:01

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People with special needs are just like us. They just need a little chance to make their lives better and all our support to keep going in their life. They are special as any one of us in the world. However, there are those people who just love to discriminate and bully poor souls. What would YOU do if you saw such person harassing a special needs person? Would you step in? Or would you turn a blind eye?

To experiment on how normal people would react, the TV show “What Would You Do?” set up cameras at Kilroy’s Wonder Market in New Jersey. With the help of actor with Down syndrome, posing as a bagging clerk, they created a situation when another actor, posing as rude customer, abuse and humiliate the special needs staff. Now wait till you see how the other customers react!

The result was quite unexpected! Watch this video and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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