A Dad With Alzheimer’s Do Not Remember His Family, But Totally Remembers This Wonderful Song!03:14

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Alzheimer’s is a disease that destroys one’s memory and other mental functions of a person. It begins with a mild confusion and one will have a hard time remembering something. Gradually, people with Alzheimer’s will start to forget people’s faces, their names, and other important details. Their brain cells die and that causes the steady decrease of memory retention and mental function.

That was what happened to this old man named Teddy Mac. His son is doing something great for his Dad’s condition despite his deteriorating memory. A joyful duet of a father and son inside their car is both a hobby and memories in the making. Teddy Mac already has forgotten several people, including his family, but remembers lyrics of the songs he loves so well.  Watch the whole video and be touched! You will be inspired because you will realize that in life, whatever it is, we just have to be happy.

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