Dolly Parton & Carrie Underwood Are Amazing. When They Sing This Together? So Beautiful!04:32

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When two extraordinary singers get together onstage, the result is nothing less than incredible. This video below also features an enchanting performance which has been brought us by two of the most amazing singers of the music industry; namely Carrie Underwood and Dolly Parton. They have come together onstage for the first time and it is just magical.

For this live performance, Dolly and Carrie sing “I Will Always Love You”, one of Dolly’s classic hit. Carrie has always been Dolly’s fan so it was obvious that she was extremely happy to share the stage with her. On top of that, Carrie was given the chance to sing her idol’s favorite song with her. Imagine that! Not just Carrie, but the crowd was extremely excited to see two of their favorite singers together onstage.

Wasn’t that just amazing? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know via comments!

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