A Secret Drone Captured THIS Unusual Event In The Ocean. Don’t Take Your Eyes Off! Amazing!05:18

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About 71 percent of the earth is covered by water. What we see on the land around us is a very small percent of the earth. Before the inventions of submarines and ships, people used to fear oceans yet were so mesmerized by it. However, now people can go and travel long distance and enjoy the magnificence of the ocean. We never know what we can find in the ocean and this video shows some of those incredible sites!

In the video, we see an exhilarating video of the Pacific Ocean taken by the help of drone. As soon as the video starts recording, we see a mega pod of dolphins swimming near the surface of the ocean. We also see a mama whale and a little baby whale swimming happily. But it was what this drone captured next that blew my mind!

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