He Looked After These 3 Stray Dogs. But You Won’t Believe What They Did When A Bomb Went Off!02:04

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This video features a really heartbreaking and tear-jerking story of a friendship between a human and three dogs. When Sgt. Chris Duke was serving in Afghanistan, he looked after three stray dogs. Even in the midst of war, he found compassion for these 3 fur balls and decided to feed them as long as he could. However, what he didn’t know was the way they would pay him back.

One normal afternoon in Afghanistan, a suicide bomber tried to attack the base that Sgt. Duke was in. But to his surprise and many others, these three dogs, Rufus, Target and Sasha saved their lives. They barked at the suspect and even bit his leg to prevent him from entering the base. This surprise attack forced the suicide bomber to detonate the bomb and unfortunately Sasha, the youngest pup lost her life. Now after years of separation, Sgt. Duke is finally reuniting with his two remaining best friends who saved his life.

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