They Approach This Terrified Dog With A Huge Net. Now Watch What Follows Next!04:15

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Homeless and abandoned dogs are often frightened of humans. Why wouldn’t they? They probably have had one of the most terrible experiences with humans and they are only protecting themselves. However, sometimes these scared dogs are extremely hard to rescue. Take this video for an instance!

The rescuers from Hope for Paws went to rescue this white fluffy homeless pup. However, this dog was tiny and was totally terrified of humans. He even went under the fences to escape from the rescuers. But rescuers found a way to corner the little guy and finally capture him. At first, this pup was scared and stayed still. But the moment he realized that he was in safe hands, he started to show his love.

Watch his precious rescue and transformation in the video. Did this touch your heart? Let us know via comments!

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