These Elephants Were Crippled At A Circus & Then Separated. 22 Yrs Later? This Is TearJerking!07:21

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When it comes to friendship, elephants must be the greatest friends of all times. It is said that elephants never forgets and it is one of the reason why their friendship lasts as long as they live. This video also features a precious friendship between two circus mates who are meeting after 22 years long separation. And their story of reunion is leaving everyone in tears!

Shirley was in her 20s and Jenny was just a calf when they first meet in a circus. Both of them ended up being crippled because of the horrific experiences in the circus. Fortunately, they were rescued and sent to different sanctuaries. However, they never got to meet after that. Well… until 22 years later when they met each other at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Now watch their precious reaction when they are finally reunited.

Unfortunately, Jenny passed away in 2006 and for two days Shirley refused to eat anything. Watch this tear-jerking story and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below!

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