This Deer Almost Died In A Car Accident. But What This Old Man Did For Him Moved Me To Tears!04:28

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This video features a dramatic and powerful rescue of a deer who was caught up in a car accident when crossing the road. The founder of Wildlife Aid Foundation, Simon Cowell (not the judge from Britain’s Got Talent), got the call about this poor deer and soon enough Simon reached the site to rescue him.

Upon reaching the site, Simon approached the deer and saw that poor deer was heavily injured. So he soon enough rushed him to the nearby animal clinic. Emma, our vet stitched up this deer’s injury. As deer can die of capture myopathy when it becomes stressed, Simon rushed the deer back to where he found him. At first, the deer almost gave up but seeing Simon push him to move forward, this deer finally started walking on his own.

Watch this heartrending rescue in the video. Don’t forget to write us your feelings in the comments below!

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