Female Rider Stopped In Front Of This Saluting Marine. Now Keep Your Eyes On Her Hands!00:54

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During every Memorial Day, Rolling Thunder, a group that hopes to bring full accountability and spread awareness about prisoners of war and missing in action service members of all U.S., organize a parade through the specific route. During this parade, all the bikers of this group, and others who like to join, ride their bike in the whole city.

Every year, to honor and remember the courageous souls who passed away while serving in the country’s armed forces, Staff Sgt. Tim Chambers stands still in the middle of the parade and holds his salute. He is also most commonly known as The Saluting Marine. During 2012 Memorial Day, Sgt. Tim held his salute as usual, but this day something unbelievable happened. A female soldier, who rode her bike in the parade, stopped in front of him and did something unbelievable.

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