I Thought It Was A Normal Ballet Performance – Until I Saw A Ballerina Do This! So Funny!03:25

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Do you love ballet? If yes, then this is the perfect video for you. Even if you do not normally watch ballet, you’ll definitely find this video amusing. Ballets are most often known for the grace, perfection and synchronization. However, this performance in the following video is not something I ever expected to see!

If you are thinking that this video below features ordinary ballet routine with dancers perfecting their every move, then you are in for a great surprise. This is not your regular ballet performance. Actually, it is something more than that. This video starts with five ballerinas perfectly posed onstage. However, there is one ballerina who defies the perfection and forgets every single dance steps throughout the video.

This ballet is unique and hilarious but at the same time amazing than anything I’ve ever watched before. What do YOU think about this performance? Do share your opinions on the comments!

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