A Girl Without Arms Wows the Judges When She Played Piano Using Her Feet! Tear-Jerking Talent!05:31

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Many people love to learn how to play the piano but are discouraged because of the required long hours of practicing it. Learning to play the piano must be coupled with patience and passion for music if you are serious about your goal. You have to be open-minded and think positive to be able to learn the music notes. You find it challenging still with your arms and fingers complete. All you need is a little push to make it there.

But what if you had no arms but you want to play the piano? Oh, you would tell me that would be impossible! Well, nothing is impossible for those who love what they do and are willing to do anything just to present their passion to the world and be an inspiration. Lorelei plays the piano so well with just using her feet! the Get inspired by this girl’s life, who even without arms plays the piano soulfully and with so much adoration to music.

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