Golden Retriever’s First Bath and Trampoline Play! Witness All the Cuteness In This Video!03:47

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Some dogs, like most cats, are afraid of water. Well, mostly they are afraid if it’s their first time to plunge into a body of water or take a bath. What is good is that dogs are capable of overcoming that fear of water and end up loving water so much.

So, this very cute golden retriever who was only 8 weeks old when he had his first bath and it seems he loves it so much! Even though it looked like he was feeling weird at first, you won’t see any violent reaction from it. Witness how cute Sammie was during his first bath inside a tub with all the bubbles and foam mustache! Then after his memorable first bath, he got to play on the trampoline with all colorful balls! You will know how he was so joyful while jumping and running around!

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