She Is 80 Years Old. But You Will Find It Hard To Believe When She Does THIS Onstage!01:47

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Got Talent series have always astonished and shocked us. If you are a Got Talent fan then you would definitely know what I’m talking about. This video also features a surprising performance by an 80-year-old grandma who came for the audition of America’s Got Talent season 7. You’ll surely laugh out loud when you watch this video!

This grandma likes to call herself “Granny G” but her real name is Paula Nelson. At first, this grandma looks normal, but what she intends to do onstage will definitely blow your mind. As soon as she is given cue to start her performance, she turns on her ‘swag’ and starts raping about the family values. At one point, she even leaves her staff and starts grooving to the beat. You may have never seen anything like this before!

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