Mom Confronted Her Dog About The Mess. But Her Reaction Was Beyond My Imagination!00:48

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Dogs are known to make messes all the time. Especially when they are just in their puppyhood, they can’t help but make messes around the house. But the biggest problem is, humans can’t get angry when they make mess as their guilty faces are as adorable as ever. They soon enough win their parent’s heart with their ‘googly’ eyes and innocent faces. This mama in the video is going through similar situation. But it was her another dog’s reaction that had her in hysterics!

Mama came home only to find her dog shredding all the toilet papers. Of course, she was frustrated and started to ask who made the mess. It was obvious that the one with the toilet paper around her neck was the guilty one. But she thought she would confront her dogs anyway. So when she turned towards her another dog and asked “who made this mess?”, the answer she got in response cracked her up.

Wasn’t that precious? Does your dog do this as well? Let us know in the comments below!

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