They Spotted Two Stranded Dogs In The Mountains. When The Third One Appeared? I’m In TEARS!06:45

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Rescuing a street dog is definitely not an easy job to do. Yet there are many organizations and individuals trying their best to rescue street dogs and give them happy homes they deserve. Hope For Paws is one of such organizations who has been working to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need since 8 years now. This video below features one of the most dramatic rescues they have ever come across. This will surely bring you to tears.

Ginger, Sage & Emma, there sisters had been stranded in the mountains for more than a week. Local animal rescue organizations had been trying their best to rescue them but they were not being successful. That is when Hope For Paws came in for the rescue. They wasted no time and rushed to the site for the rescue. But they never expected the rescue to be this dramatic and difficult.

Watch how they rescue these three sisters in the video. What are your thoughts about this video? Let us know in the comments!

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