When No One Was Around, Dad Caught His Horse Doing THIS In Their Pool. Can You Believe This?01:49

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Who doesn’t like to cool off in the summer? It is true that right now it is winter season and we can’t even imagine touching the cold water. But when it’s summer, we can’t help but cool off in the pool or just take a shower. This horse in the video below is no exception! He was feeling just too hot and what he did when he spotted a kiddie pool is too hilarious!

This horse in the following video is named Duke, and he has the most hilarious reaction when it comes to the kiddie pool. Dad caught Duke slowly sneaking up to the kiddie pool and doing something hilarious. At first Duke just tasted the water, maybe he wanted to know if it was cool enough. Then instantly, he put his leg up and in the water.

Wait till you see what he does next. Isn’t that hilarious? Let us know via comments!

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