These Lions Have a Human Queen. Watch The Video To See Who This Is!03:57

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Lions are the largest of the feline kind and no wonder they are tagged as the “King of the Jungle”. These gigantic cats are found usually in Asia, Europe, and Africa. They can live in forests, deserts, and huge jungles where they have easy access to their prey. They feed on mostly meat because they are carnivorous. SInce lions are feared by humans, there

Since lions are feared by humans, there is a lady who seems to be the Queen of a lion’s pride. Lazmi, the lady who takes care and loves the lions in a wildlife park in South Africa, loves being around them. The kingly lions who are in the park treat her like a queen and see her as their leader and not a prey. Watch the video until the end to see how Lazmi gets super close to these lions!

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