Identically Beautiful, One In A Million Twins! Watch The Video To Know Why!05:37

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Isobel and Abigail, now 5-year-olds, are identical twins and both of them have Down’s syndrome. The doctor told their Mum he was sorry when he found out about their condition. The probability that an identical twin with Down’s syndrome will be born is one in a million.

Up to this day, the twins are both rays of sunshine to their parents. They never considered them a burden to bear. Even Finlay, their brother loves them so much. The twin’s life is a touching inspiration to everyone who feels that having a baby or babies with Down’s syndrome is a bad thing. See their inspiring story and how their family feels so blessed of having such adorable twins! They won’t even wish that Abigal and Isobel will be born again without Down’s syndrome.

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