Adorable 5 Yr Old Sings “In Summer” And Does This With Her Feet At The Same Time. Amazing!06:09

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Heavenly Joy is a beautiful name and the person who bares this name is even more wonderful. During the audition of America’s Got Talent 2015, Heavenly Joy, this 5-year-old little girl stunned the judges and the audiences with her unbelievable talent. She didn’t just have an angelic voice but was equally talented in dancing.

In the video, we see Heavenly Joy singing the playful yet challenging song “In Summer” from Disney’s “Frozen”. And boy, can she sing! And to top it up, she threw in an extra tap dancing steps and enthralled everyone in the room. Even her parents are quite confident with her talent. When asked, her mother proudly said that “She’s got this. She lights up when she sees the stage. That’s her home”.

She is already a superstar. Watch this incredible video and do let us know your thoughts about it through your comments in the section below!

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