Everyone Was Shocked To Hear This 14 Yr Old’s Song Choice. But When He Began Singing? Amazing!06:34

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When 14 yr old Jack Vidgen stepped onstage for the audition of Australia’s Got Talent, everybody thought he looked like young Justine Bieber. So when he said he will be singing one of Whitney Huston’s songs, everybody was shocked. They were astonished also because the song is perceived as a difficult song to execute. But when Jack started to sing, no one could believe their ears!

Jack sang “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Huston and from the very beginning the judges were impressed by his voice. They were enthralled by the middle of his performance and by the end one of the judges couldn’t help but walk onstage to kiss him.

According to Jack, he sings for his dad who is at home and suffers from multiple sclerosis. He wants to make him proud and in my opinion he definitely did. Watch this video. Did you enjoy this? Let us know via comments!

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