A Teenager Came Across An Abused Starving Horse…But What She Did? I Can’t Believe This!02:50

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A stricken horse was wondering down the street when Kelsey and her mother were on their way to a swap meet. As soon as Kelsey spotted this abandoned horse, she wanted to do something for her. Kelsey and her mother immediately stopped to help the poor animal, but what followed next is truly tear-jerking!

Even though Kelsey was able to get close to this poor animal, this horse, Sonny absolutely refused to get on the trailer. They couldn’t budge her. However, Kelsey refused to give up too. That is when she decided to walk nine miles with Sonny and bring her home safely. Even though Kelsey was able to bring Sonny home, she was sick and needed a lot of attention. So, Kelsey slept at the barn with Sonny for 5 nights.

Will Sonny recover from her devastating state? What do you think about Kelsey and her effort? Don’t forget to write your opinions in the comments!

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