This Little 4 Yr Old Is Trying To Feed 6 Big Pit Bulls. When This Happens, Hold Your Breath!01:54

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What you are about to witness is truly unbelievable. You perhaps haven’t seen anything like it in your entire life. You probably know how dangerous it is to go near a dog that is nose deep in his food. My friend even got chomped on by his own dog during such a situation. But in this video, a mom lets her daughter go into what looks like a war zone featuring six big pit bulls!

According to her, “people said it could be ever done”. But she has made it possible. It is really amazing to see a little girl and her dogs get so well together. And we all know how incredible pit bulls really are, but I really wouldn’t try this out on my child. But on a lighter note, this little girl could probably be a great dog trainer in the future!

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