Who Wants To Own the Smallest Waist On Earth? Watch The Video To Find Out!03:43

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How many inches does your waist measure? Does it belong to the normal waistline measurement? If yes, then this girl in the video is different! Having a waistline that measures only 54 centimeters, she still yearns to have it smaller than that.

The girl in the video has been idolizing Cathy Young, the woman who owns the smallest waist in the whole world. This girl has been wearing corsets to make her waist even smaller, but it has been a health threat for her. Despite the suffering she has, she still believes that what she is doing makes her pretty and it is beneficial to her. Watch the whole video on how she deals with it and how she manages to pursue her dream of having the world’s smallest waist!

Have you ever wanted something like what that girl wants physically? Share your comments below!

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