That Baby Bat Was Abandoned By His Mother. But When He Gets Love From A Human? Adorable!03:47

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The little bat featured in the video is an orphan short-tailed bat called Lil’ Drac. The tiny baby’s mother was rescued after a shutting of a zoo. The stress induced by the transfer made her abandon him. This is not an uncommon thing in their world since mothers that feel insecure of their own safety often tend do this.

After being abandoned by his mother, Lil’ Drac was rescued and hand-raised by the volunteers of Bat World Sanctuary. It is a non-profit organization which is dedicated towards the preservation of bats. The tiny guy received good care and he grew stronger as the days passed. Bat population is on a rapid decline. More than half of the native bats in the USA are known to be in danger of extinction.

Watch his heartwarming recovery in the video and let us know how you felt about it in the comments!

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