When This Maniac Mom Started To Play Drums, The Crowd Just Went INSANE! Unreal!03:59

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This video is going leave you staring in disbelief. This video features an incredible mom who looks like just another mom but has a great talent hidden inside her. We get to see the whole new side of this mom and you are going to love it. She plays Surfaris’ 1963 hit “Wipe Out” on her drums and leaves the crowd screaming!

“Wipe Out”, from the initial released of this instrumental in 1963, this song has been played as background music on many occasions; in radio stations, advertisements and movies. This song is mostly popular because of its incredible and longest drum solos in history, and the credit goes to Ron Wilson. He did an amazing job for this song and played undeniably brilliant drums solos and made it unforgettable.

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