When Mom Says “Give Me A Kiss”, Watch This Parrot’s Reaction Carefully. I Can’t Believe It!00:38

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Parrots are specifically known for their intelligence and mimicking ability. However, their cool and hilarious personality can’t be ignored as well. This video features a beautiful blue Indian ringneck parrot who has a lot to say. His name is Marnie and he just loves his owner. Wait till you see what he does when mom calls him for a video!

According to his owner, Marine is a total Casanova. She says “He is a natural charmer and a polite Casanova who is not shy to ask for what he wants.” He often likes to ask for the kiss and don’t hesitate to give one when he is asked for it. Just watch this video! As soon as mom says “give me a kiss”, he instantly turns his head sideward and gives her a lovely kiss. He even says ‘thank you’ afterwards which is really very gentlemanly.

Isn’t that adorable? Watch this video and don’t forget to drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

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