Mom and Son Without Arms Live Normal Lives. A Very Inspiring Story!04:34

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Saying that our arms are very useful to us is an understatement. In fact, it is almost impossible to be mobile without them in our bodies. They are the body part that we use when we reach for something, when we eat, when we play, and especially when we go to work. Without them, we may feel helpless.

Linda herself was born without arms. Having the rare genetic disorder called Holt Oram, she lives a normal and happy life. Despite the difficulty she is facing, she is brave enough to pursue such a meaningful life. And when she got married and had her own son, the sad fact that he was also born without arms happened again. As painful it is to a mother to see her son with a difficulty like she has had since she was a baby, Linda did all the best she could to help her son Timmy live a happy life. Watch this video and you will be inspired by how they enjoy it to the fullest!

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