Monkey Is Doing His Best To Save A Dying Friend! See What He Did to Revive a Friend!01:09

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It is innate for humans to feel compassion and pity to those we see that need our help. We instantly feel sorry for them and want to rush and lend a hand especially if that person we see is a close friend. Though many humans do not like to be compared to apes, or monkeys. However, it is evident that most of the human characteristics can be seen in monkeys or apes. Let alone their appearances, their movements and emotions really are much like humans. They feel afraid, sad, grief, happiness, and love.

You can tell in this video where a monkey didn’t dare to leave his beloved friend who was dying at that moment. You will be shocked when you see what he did to revive this dying friend! Watch it till the end and prepare to be touched by his heroic act. You will surely be near to tears!

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