Nobody Wants This Poor Kitten Until Somebody With A Kind Heart Did. Find Out Why!04:16

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This cute furball knows his name. He is named Zeke and such an adorable kitten but there was a time that nobody wanted to take him. Why? It is because he has a health condition since he was born. Zeke’s brain has water in it, just like when a human baby is inflicted by hydrocephalus. Not just that, Zeke also has twisted arms and legs that affect the way he moves.

But one person had the biggest heart to take care of Zeke. He even gave a new family for Zeke to feel the love that he was longing for, long time ago. See the touching video and feel the love that the new parent of Zeke gives him. Zeke is not anymore a cat without a family. Were you touched by this man’s kindness to this poor furball?

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